Sunday, December 1, 2013

This is Me Talking from the Inside

My companion talks in his sleep sometimes, and he said this once and it was pretty funny. 

This week's been pretty good. As promised by other missionaries and teachers, after the first Sunday is through the rest of your time just flies by. First few days were just a draaaaag, each one feeling like a week, but I'm surprised it's Saturday right now. The real memorable thing this week is, of course, Thanksgiving. Our morning campus-wide devotional was given by Russell M. Nelson, and the one thing I remember is that he talked about how must never just about baptism as if it's a casual thing. After that, we did a humanitarian project making lentil casserole packets for children in the area who are missing meals. More info on the project can be found here. In the evening, we were able to watch a movie, that being Ephraim's Rescue which was actually a pretty cool movie and a true story. I recommend watching it for Family Home Evening one night. It's a church movie that apparently was shown in theaters.

Classes were long, but we only have one left and then we're done. They're 3 hours each and there's two a day, so it drags on if we're just being talked at. Today's only one class because we were given a half P-Day. Classes, while well taught, seem a bit too much. Things we are going to be teaching are over-complicated and are sometimes unnecessary. Each teacher is different in their teaching though, and some are better than others.

Tomorrow is fast Sunday, and like you asked I will be fasting for Grandma. I won't be inviting my district as I mentioned before as I believe it will be more powerful as a family fast. I'll be interested to see how Sacrament Meeting goes, as we only have two districts in there. Only 20 people will be there, I think. Plenty of time for every missionary to give their testimony. We'll have a couple devotionals, including one for departing missionaries. Should be fun.

I'll be glad to get out of Utah. The dry air here is horrible for my sinuses. I'm pretty sure I'm having constant bloody noses, but the dry air stops the bleeding before it runs out. Every time I blow my nose the dried blood comes out. Congested every day, and the psudeophedrine doesn't seem to help much. And my lips are always chapped. I think one of the good points of the MTC is the exercise time. From what I've seen on the scale, I haven't gained half a pound since coming here, as fattening as the food probably is.

I'm putting in a couple pictures in this email, and will send a few more in another. When I get to Cali, I'll send the SD card up. I've got a small case to protect it, and I'll just use USPS. It also seems that I've lost the charging cable for my camera, but I'll pick another one up at Radio Shack or Walmart or something. It's not proprietary, and my camera's battery is surprisingly still mostly full although I haven't charged it for a while.

That's all I can think of to say right now, so I'll end this email now and do some pictures on another one.

Love you all,

Elder DeFord