Monday, December 16, 2013

Not Much Going on This Week........

Our biggest challenge is being on time to things and sticking to our schedule. We're trying different things so we can be better at what we do. We've gotten a couple referrals from members, but so far we haven't been able to contact a single potential investigator yet. Just this past week I organized and rewrote the potential investigators list that was outdated, which took a few hours. No new investigators yet, but we can only keep pushing forward.
This Wednesday we will be allowed to go to the LA Temple for a session as a mission. It should be pretty awesome. We have to have member transportation as it's outside the mission, but that's all arranged.
Tell the Mabey's I'm excited for Kathryn! That's pretty cool. I knew she wanted to go there, but it's exciting that it's actually happening. And congrats to Katherine in being accepted to SVU! It's sad I won't be able to see you graduate and head out to college, but my thoughts are with you as you take a huge step in your life.
On Friday we had our One Week Follow-up with President Hall and his wife. It was loooong, and we didn't get anything done after that. 
I'm getting used to less food, which wasn't really that hard. I don't feel any lighter, but I've gone down two holes in my belt which must be a good sign.
Last week we met the father of BYU's running back, JJ Di Luigi. That was pretty cool. He wasn't interested in the gospel, but we did talk to him for about 20-30 minutes and he gave us water.
At our dinner appointment last night, we got to play pool on the pool table from the movie Tombstone. I don't know the movie, but I guess it was big or something. Still, it's the real deal.
I gave a talk in church yesterday, and it only lasted 5 minutes. Nice and short, just like the guy who spoke after me asked me to do. He still went over time, though. People liked my talk, even though I more-or-less jumped around a bit. It's all about the Spirit, though, and that's what impressed the congregation.
Timothy sent me my first actual letter, which apparently took 3 weeks to get to me. It went to the MTC after I left, so it's been finding it's way to me. Letters are nice. You should encourage people to write from the ward. :)
I've only got a couple minutes left, so I'm going to throw a couple of fun facts in:
1)  Fun I have exactly 23 months left!  My release date is November 16, 2015. 4 days short of two years. I'll be in this area for 12 weeks at least, so my address is good until then.

2)  This April or May, we'll (hopefully) become an iPad mission! April ends the testing in 30ish missions, and then it'll be going to MANY more missions, us included we hope. If we do, every missionary will get their own iPad Mini to use during the mission. We get an hour a day at the church to Facebook investigators and blog and things. What's best is that we get to keep the iPads at the end of our mission! Pretty cool, that is.
Talk to you all later!
~Elder Dallin DeFord