Monday, December 9, 2013

P.S.: Send more blankets!

Elder Dallin DeFord with first companion, Elder Kaden Argyle

First week here has been good. My companion and I opened a new area, splitting a ward into two areas now. We are in the Solemint Area 1 area.  I am in Canyon Country, CA.
It's great to hear that Grandma is doing better. I've been praying for her, and hopefully she'll keep getting better as time goes on.
If it were wet here, I'm sure we'd have gotten snow or ice. We haven't gotten down to 9 degrees, but it has dropped below freezing a couple times during the night. California weather isn't what I thought it'd be. I'll likely buy some gloves and another blanket.
The mission itself has been alright. Like I said, we opened a new area. That meant we got a new apartment building. New beds, desks, lights, everything. According to our maintenance guy, it hasn't been lived in for 3 months. This was apparent by the spiders everywhere. The water is full of calcium, which is weird. It makes my head itch. The first day in the apartment we noticed we had a couple leaks, mainly our kitchen sink and my toilet. It leaked on first flush, but when we had the maintenance guy come over, it didn't leak and hasn't since. Oh well. He fixed the sink, and will be getting a new seal for our dishwasher since it's cracked (but not leaking). The beds are new, but bad for my back. 
We haven't had much success missionary work-wise. We have a couple potential investigators, one investigator who isn't progressing, and that's it. We did get a good street contact at Walmart last week in the parking lot which was awesome. He came to US and started asking questions. Since he isn't in our area, we pointed him to and if it's time for him to learn, he'll go and request the missionaries. I hope the work down here picks up. Apparently this mission has one of the lowest contact-to-baptism ratios in the country. We need to contact 2000 people to get one baptism is what we were told.
We had our first dinner appointment last night. The people in our ward are rich! Huge mansions and whatnot. The family we ate with last night gave us a small Christmas tree for our apartment. Fake, of course, but it was really nice. We've got a guy in our ward  who was in one of the Bible Videos. The new ones which I still haven't seen. Apparently John Heder is in my mission, too. If I get sent to Studio City, I'll likely be in his ward. He's the young men's president down there I heard.
Anyway, I can't remember if there is anything else I wanted to say. I'll be on around this time for a couple hours every Monday, so if anyone wants to respond and chat that way, we can. Tell everyone I love them and miss them!
-Elder Dallin DeFord