Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Purpose for Being Here...

Hello mom, dad, friends and family!  All goes well down here in Canyon Country, CA. Yesterday we had zone conference, where three of our zones got together for an 8-5 meeting.  The main point, at least from what I learned, is that we need to be out talking to everyone!  Today we're going to do our best, as we've dedicated 6ish hours to knocking on doors, with a break for lunch.  Our goal is to talk to at least 20 people and get a couple of investigators out of those 20.

I'm slowly learning my purpose for being here.  Honestly, the only reasons I came were:
1.  It was expected of me
2.  (More importantly) The Spirit slapped me upside the head and told me I needed to go.

I'm learning that I need to love everyone I meet, which is hard considering there aren't many people on the streets to talk to.  All we have are houses. The other elders in our area got all the commercial streets to talk to people on.

It may be nice and sunny here, but it has been cold and gusty.  The wind has really been picking up lately. Branches have been seen on the roads.  It isn't anything compared to your snowy and cold weather, though. Although it would be nice to be up there to see it.

I'm hoping the scripture stickers get here soon.  I have many scriptures I want to mark (over 100!), but I don't want to mark them, get the stickers, and realize I did the wrong colors.  Hopefully with the stickers are some easy recipes for meals.  It's pretty much Eggos or cereal for breakfast every morning, a PB&J sandwich for lunch and little frozen pot pies for dinner if we don't have a dinner appointment.  (P.S.:  FEED THE MISSIONARIES)

Feel free to invite others to write to me.  We check the mail everyday, but it is all just ads and coupons.  The mailbox is like ours at home, with separate boxes for packages.  However, if anything bigger comes, it might be good to send it to the main office.

We need to coordinate a time to Skype for Christmas.  We're allowed to do it on Christmas day, or the day before or after.  Let me know when it will work for you, and I'll make it work over here.

Love and miss you all,

Elder Dallin DeFord