Sunday, November 24, 2013

Do You Know About Dark Matter?

That's one of the ongoing jokes around the MTC right now. On our first day, we did giant (50+) group meetings, all of us working to teach an "investigator." Only one of three of these were good and useful. The joke came about because one of the investigators asked why we are born as spirit children if God has a physical body. Things were going well answer-wise with many football analogies, then one elder raised his hand and it got really quiet. We all expected some deeply spiritual answer, then he quietly asked " you know about dark matter?" He tried to go into it, but was very quickly stopped by our instructor and told us why that is a very bad idea.

Classes are going pretty well, and you were right that they'd pick up. Several classes a day are for Role Playing. My companion Elder Banks and I are "teaching" a recently out of jail man named Terry who seems to have had a change of heart while in prison. Seems we'll be working with him for a while.

Currently my first load of laundry is going, and I hope I'm doing it right. Have a load of colors and whites going, about 20 minutes left each. The laundry bag works great and does its job. One of my goals while I'm out is to try and lose a little weight, or just put muscle on instead. Something healthy. I spent around 40 minutes in our fitness center cycling and using an elliptical machine. Elder Banks also has me doing push-ups and chair dips at night, as he's a fitness buff.

I'm wearing the sweater vest right now. It's actually pretty awesome, and I plan on wearing it regularly. Shirts and pants are fine, but the lining in the new suit coat breast pocket was ripped by a volunteer the first day who was in charge of making sure they're all opened, which mine wasn't.

The garment bag would be really good to have. We really don't have any other books that we were given. Any we did get are really flat and won't make a difference. If I want to avoid overweight charges, it'd be best to have the bag. The carryon was stuffed. There is no way to rearrange my things.

Thanks for keeping me updated on grandma. Hope she gets well soon.

The day before I leave the MTC (Dec. 2nd), I'll mail home an SD card with pictures of the MTC. I'll attach a few now (on a separate email) so you can see what's going on. (The one of my companion had color selection enabled, so it'll look weird)

My companion is going to the same mission as me. Our whole district is. It seems everyone else on our dorm floor is going somewhere fancy. Some going to Italy, Russia, Germany, and Georgia. Georgia's not really fancy at all, but it's just a different mission.