Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Day

For a first day, this was a good day.

My flight was about 20 minutes early, but luckily Jenny's dad likes being ahead of schedule so I didn't have to wait long at the pick-up terminal. After a snack, Jenny and I went to Brogan's school to help out in his classroom. Really, the only thing the teacher had us do was grade some math homework. I took a nap after that, and then we all went to Temple Square. We toured the Conference Center and walked around for a little bit before coming home for dinner. Dinner consisted of pulled pork with homemade barbecue sauce. The pork was cooked in a dutch oven, and it was really delicious. You should give it a try doing it like that. We've just finished up having a NERF battle downstairs, and I think the kids are starting to go to bed. We may have dessert first, though, but I'll be joining the slumber quickly after that. I was planning on putting my first set of pictures in with this email via compressing the files, but it turns out jpegs don't compress more than the already are. Instead, I'll attach a few good shots of me that we could use for the missionary picture, and Jenny will bring the rest next week when she goes up to visit Grandma. She has some good pictures she took herself as well that she'll give you.

Until my first P-Day,

Elder DeFord

Some Pics

My new laundry bag:

My Farewell shindig: