Monday, January 27, 2014

No Sales Tax at Vons!

I discovered last week that when I use my/our Safeway Rewards card at Vons, it recognizes me belonging to Oregon and it forgoes the sales tax! We found this out because we've run out of MSF (which will be reloaded this Friday, thank goodness), and so we decided to buy rice with what we had left. Still working on that whole "budget" thing.

Last week, I ripped another set of pants. Did I email about the first ones I ripped? Maybe I only put that in the audio journal. First ones ripped getting into the car, these ones ripped while moving boxes. Both ripped right on the seam, which leads me to believe that the seam was bad. They were both the nice black ones we got from Kohls. First ones I got fixed and strengthened, and I'll do the same with the other ones when MSF gets reloaded. We have a cleaner around here who gives a 10% discount to missionaries. It's nice.

Your little package arrived safe and sound. UNO might be fun, and the other churchy card game looks interesting. It's like a variation of the card game "Golf" that we like to play.

It's awesome that Katherine was accepted at BYU-I, too! SVU sounds pretty cool, though. And William's joining the Cadets?! That'll be fun. Make sure he gets video of himself being pepper sprayed. He can laugh at it later.

It really does sound busy up there, which sounds nicer than here. This area is just dead, but we're hoping to be able to teach a family starting this week! This guy's name is Ernie, and he and his family (especially the kids!) can't wait to learn more about Jesus! Besides that bit of good news, all we get are dropped appointments by everyone. We had four drop in one day! No fun. Dawn always cancels, Renola has pneumonia, Teddy is working on the Super Bowl, etc...

It's going to be awesome for everyone now that dad has a new job! It'll be really exciting! It's amazing seeing the blessing that come from supporting missionary work. And they'll only continue!

At the same time that your package arrived, the quilt that everyone's been working on also arrived! I'll attach a couple pictures, and I'd appreciate it if you could forward them to Grandma and Grandpa! I'm sure they'd love to see it in use! (note to readers....Dallin's grandma had a massive stroke right before Dallin left on his mission.  She and Dallin's grandpa are avid quilters and were working on a quilt for Dallin to take on his mission.  Dallin's aunts pieced it together, grandpa quilted it, and an aunt did the binding and sent it to Dallin in the mission field).

That's really it for this week. I'm waiting for some responses to some letters I sent out, but it's been a couple weeks since I sent them.

Loving you all from afar,

~Elder Dallin DeFord