Monday, January 6, 2014

Here Come the Exchanges...

We had another exchange this weekend. Went with the district leader. It was alright. We taught one lesson at the door, and gave out three copies of the Book of Mormon! It was a really good exchange. I was with Elder Nielson, who's the district leader's companion, and this Saturday we have another exchange with them, this time me being with Elder Thomas, the actual district leader. Then this Tuesday, we have exchanges with the Zone Leaders. It's kind of ridiculous, going on all these exchanges. It's really only supposed to be one or two a transfer.

Besides all the exchanges, nothing happened last week. All of our appointments fell through. All the appointments were with the same lady, and she missed all three appointments we had set up. Hopefully this week will be better.

At the end of exchanges on Saturday, us two companionships went to something the other ward calls Pancake Saturday. It's just done with one family who feeds the missionaries every Saturday. But this family is crazy! It's a couple who's last name I'll withhold as per email policy. Turns out the husband used to be a criminal, way off the deep end. Violence, drugs, everything. He and his wife were drug addicts for years. They're clean now, and have been for I think 3 years. The husband had to get permission from the First Presidency to be accepted into the church. It's really interesting. The couple are very funny, and I hope I get to interact with them more. They're the kind of couple I want my wife and I to act like when we're their age. Withholding the drug and violent past, of course.

This is the last week of my first transfer. I'll know Saturday if I'm staying or leaving. Technically, I'm supposed to stay with Elder Argyle here for another transfer as I'm being trained, but you never know.

Love you all,
Elder Dallin DeFord